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Film Scoring

Thought Of You

Animation Yuma re-scored, recorded with live strings, and Gabriel Gutierrez on guitar.


Animation collaboration with Yiju Chiang from the School of Visual Arts

War Scene

Based off of a previous piece Yuma had written, he scored and adapted it for this clip, recorded with a live orchestra.

The Son And Steer

A film Yuma collaborated with Laurence Vannicelli, from Columbia University.

Men At War

A film Yuma collaborated with Rakesh Baruah, from Columbia University. 

Brighter Day

Yuma performing with the NYU Gospel Choir.

Metropole Orkest

Yuma's arrangement of A New Carpet (from The Godfather II) performed by the Metropole Orchestra, conducted by Vince Mendoza .

Spring Season

Yuma performing with the 2010 Disneyland All-American College Band